2023 Winter Newsletter

The beginning of a New Year is often a time when people seek out change. It’s an opportunity to take stock of the last year and set goals for the next one. Yet, according to the New York Times, by February, eighty percent of people have already failed to stick to their resolutions.

There are many reasons for this. The goals might be too big, or too vague, or not important enough to us. Many people, however, also try to reach their goals alone.
At ICT, our students do not have that problem.

From the moment they walk through the doors, our Admissions Representatives, Career Advisors, and Financial Advisors are there to help them find and pay for the right education for them. Once enrolled, the Instructors, Academic Advisors, and Directors of Education are there to help them learn and succeed at college. Those that have a big issue can also see the Campus Director. That kind of support is not often available at other institutions.

That is not to say that college will be easy. Learning takes effort. Most of ICT’s students have to balance family, work, and education. But that is why ICT has so much support available. “I tell all the students in Gainesville that when it gets hard to come and see me. I will look at their file where it says why they are here and I will ask, ‘Do you still want a better job, or do you still want to make your kids proud,'” says Sofia Lukas, Campus Director for Gainesville. “They cannot lose sight of their goals.”

ICT Officer’s List

CEO: Elmer R. Smith
CFO: Samona C. Roberts
EVP of Enrollment: Gregory A. Koch
EVP of Product Development: Thomas A. Blair

Campus Directors

Chamblee: JoAnn Koch – VP
Gainesville: Sofia J. Lukas – Sr. Campus Director
Morrow: Josue Rodriguez
Newport: Christina M. Jones
N. Houston: Thomas A. Blair
Pasadena: James A. Geletei Jr.
SW. Houston: Diane K. Nguyen

our students are our mission


Many people know Chamblee’s campus, but do not realize all that the campus does
with that space. The Blair building is finishing up its renovation and features its own cafeteria space for the students to visit on break, the college and community to use
as a gathering space, for holiday celebrations, and more.

In addition, Chamblee students are used to seeing the sizeable parking area being
used by multiple groups in the community. This past year, the parking area was used
for community groups like Taste of Chamblee, We Love Buford Highway, and the Columbian Consulate. You may also see a star or two, since the lots often host movie and television production crews filming for Netflix, 20th Productions and shows
like Dynasty, The Wonder Years, and MacGyver.


Things to learn about the Gainesville area. Gainesville is the “Poultry Capital of the World.” Almost a quarter of all people living in the region work in the industry. This
has drawn many people over the years who are looking for a better life. Currently,
40% of the city is Hispanic and 60% of the high school is Hispanic. ICT is the best
way for the newer members of this community to learn English.

The other major economic driver is the region’s healthcare system which also provides opportunities for our Medical Office Administration students. The campus is working with students to help them get their GED and the education they will need in whatever area of study they choose.


The North Houston campus is in good hands. Thomas Blair, who has led ICT’s academic and admissions departments for many years, has taken up the post of Interim Campus Director. Mr. Blair has been with the college for over 25 years as an instructor, Department Chair, Director of Education, Campus Director, and President. Also,
Joe Scott, who has been integral in Southwest Houston Campus’ academic success,
has taken over as Director or Education. Mr. Scott has many achievements both as
an instructor, Director of Education, and as an Entrepreneur. These leadership roles
are critical to constantly improving our students’ lives with a quality education.


Our Morrow campus has started with a lot of planning for 2023. The campus is planning a major renewal project with the landlord. This includes renovations on both the outside and inside. The outside will be getting new signage, a new HVAC system, and roofing repairs. The inside will get new carpet and newly painted walls. There may be some slight inconvenience, but in the end the facilities will look great.


Newport is getting a facelift. A new window treatment and awning sign will grab attention. The old logo has been on the building since the location opened. Now,
the new logo will help welcome students.

The signage is not the only thing that should get noticed. The courses are going
as strong as ever. Our HVAC students have posted some of the best scores on their
NATE and EPA certifications in school history. We salute all our students, especially
our veterans, who are joining the school through the VRAAP program. If you are a veteran and want to learn more about the program, visit Dianna Mamas or Bill McGuire in the Campus offices or call 859-282-8989.


Pasadena, Texas has seen a great deal of change since the campus opened over twenty five years ago. When the campus first opened, it was an area that attracted a great deal of the Houston area’s immigrant community. Today, the majority of the population continues to identify as Hispanic or Latino, however it hosts more second generation and non-Hispanic families. To welcome those families, the campus has new Admissions Representatives: Irasema Maldonado (VESL) and Sandra Prewitt (Occupational).
They will join a new Campus Director, James A. Geletei Jr., and Admissions Representative Amalia Orozco in reaching out to the community and helping new students enroll and achieve their educational goals.


It’s been another busy time of the year for the Southwest Houston campus. They’ve had several great events for their students. They recently partnered with Change Happens Texas to host a health fare for their students and community. It has also become
a tradition to welcome the alumni from all the Houston campuses back to ICT for an end-of-the-year celebration. The gala was held in December at the Southwest Campus. Both events were a chance for students, staff, and the community to come together.


As the Colleges embark on their forty-first year, we are optimistic for a successful 2023.
2022 had lots of challenges as everyone emerged from the pandemic. While we still must exercise appropriate health and safety measures, we see the work and study environment beginning to normalize.

Prior to the pandemic, most of the colleges’ instructional activities occurred on campus. We continue to strongly believe our students perform better in a face-to-face classroom or laboratory. For this reason, we will continue to increase on-campus study, but the virtual option will be available in most courses.

The Colleges’ leadership team just finished a four-day conference to discuss the 2022 comprehensive assessment of how we performed. Each campus reviewed the previous year and presented plans and goals for 2023.

Our primary focus is to continue to make ICT a great place to study and work. There
is an abundance of good jobs for well-trained graduates. Micro credentials, such
as national certifications, continue to grow in prominence. In our various academic programs, we offer over thirty-five different certifications. These continue to impress employers. Skills-based hiring is here!

I wish all a successful, fruitful, and happy 2023.

Elmer R. Smith


Ms. Starr White
Starr White, the Director of Education at ICT’s Morrow Campus, has over ten years of experience in education. She has taught English on the elementary, middle school, and college levels. She has published two self-help/spiritual mindset books and is also a personal life coach. In Morrow, she has worked to increase accuracy within the academic department as well as increase student, faculty, and staff engagement.

What originally drew you to ICT?

I have taught all levels of education, and the one thing I have found is that I love academics. I first joined ICT because as a wife and mom, they had a schedule that
I was looking for. However, I enjoyed it so much that I soon became full-time.

Why did you choose academics?

When I was young, I realized that my father could not read or write. So, I decided that
I wanted to teach my Dad. It pushed me
to be the best learner I could be so I could teach him. Unfortunately, he passed before I could do that. But I still had the desire.
I still had a dream to fulfill. It’s a tribute
to him that I still have this desire to
help people by providing the education
they need.

And then you moved over to the administrative side of education?

Everywhere I have worked, I have been elevated to a more managerial role.
It is a position I enjoy, but it is not something I sought. It allows me to help on a larger scale. I am not only helping students, but I am also helping instructors and the institution; and
I feel like I am still teaching. I am still motivating others, so I feel like it’s
a natural progression for me.

And what do you do outside of
the school?

I am a woman of many hats. I am
a wife of seventeen years and a mother of three girls. So, my schedule often revolves around their schedule.
My husband and I are leaders of a marriage group. I have a hand mime group where I teach teens how to create shape and words with their hands in a black light. We go to different churches to perform.
I like to act and have been in many plays. I like to sing. I’ve sung at a couple of events. I am a brain tumor and hypothyroidism survivor, so I had to have throat surgery and the doctors told me I would not be able to sing. I had to relearn how to breathe,
and talk, so I am so happy that I still have that ability.



Our campuses are as active online as they are in-person. Here are a few of our recent posts. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to learn more about ICT.

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