VESL Program


Why Attend a VESL Program?

If you are interested in learning English as a second language, then ICT can help. We offer flexible schedules and experienced VESL instructors to help you prepare for the workforce. Many positions in business, medical, and trade are easier for workers that are fluent in English. Take the time to learn more about ICT’s VESL program and start mastering the English language today.

Why Choose Interactive College of Technology?

For more than 35 years, ICT has helped over 150,000 students just like you train for a variety of career fields that are enhanced by an ESL program. ICT offers hands-on training, so you learn by doing. We offer financial assistance to those who qualify. ICT offers flexible schedules for both day and night options. Also, you’ll receive industry-recognized certifications to prepare you for medical, trade, technology, and business careers. 

Did you know that ICT offers lifetime placement for career assistance after graduation and anytime throughout your career journey? Veterans may be eligible for VA benefits to provide them with assistance for their service. We also offer externships to build real-world experience before entering the workforce. And all these benefits are a great reason to learn more about Interactive College of Technology and our ESL program. 


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