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Transfer Students

The institution encourages students to exempt any courses for which prior training may allow.  In the absence of a degree, the awarding of credit is based on the results of proficiency testing or review of official academic transcripts.  We are currently accepting transferring students at any of our community colleges in Atlanta, Houston or Newport, KY.

Credits are accepted where the student can demonstrate an appropriate level of proficiency. Students are required to earn, either through academic pursuit or demonstrated proficiency, the number of credits as specified in each program of study.  At least fifty percent of the credits must be earned in residence.  Recipients of Veterans benefits will be given credit for documented proof of a degree.

Advanced Standing/Proficiency

Applicants who have successfully completed prior academic work in an accredited post secondary institution may schedule a conference with the appropriate department chairperson. Official transcripts must be provided for evaluation.  Courses deemed as similar for which a grade of C or higher has been earned may be considered for transfer.  A maximum of fifty percent of the program requirements may be met through transfer.  Transfer credit is not considered in determining overall grade point average.  After registering and attending a class, transfer of credits is not acceptable.