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General Requirements

ICT takes pride in serving a very diverse post-secondary adult market place as an Atlanta Technical College.  The admissions policies are designed to place education within the grasp of all those who seek to improve their lives through learning.

Application for admission is open to all persons without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, or disability.
All applicants desiring to pursue formal programs of study culminating in the award of an academic credential are admitted as regular students. Students are accepted under the following unconditional acceptance requirements.

Each Applicant Must:

  • Be interviewed by the Admissions Department and demonstrate the desire and ability to graduate.
  • Provide certification of high school graduation with a regular diploma, OR, Submit documented achievement of high school graduation equivalency, OR, Demonstrate through independent testing that the applicant possesses minimum basic skills to enable him/her to benefit from the training. Applicants may not be considered for admission into a degree program, but may enroll into a diploma program.
  • Complete an evaluation to determine course exemptions and the most appropriate course of study. This evaluation will also provide assistance to the applicant in determining career goals.
  • Be beyond the age of compulsory school attendance.
  • Make satisfactory arrangements for payment of tuition and fees.  The institution expects every student to pay a proportionate share of his/her tuition expense.
  • Complete a Drug-Free Certification Statement and certification that a Campus tour of facilities and equipment has been provided.
  • All applicants for an Associate degree must provide evidence of high school graduation or a G.E.D.

Skills assessment evaluations are available to be administered for those students desiring to exempt courses for which they have previously acquired the knowledge or acceptable skill level.

Acceptance of each applicant is based on meeting the above general requirements as well as program or area specific criteria.  The institution reserves the right to counsel a student not to attend the institution if previous academic records and/or placement evaluation results indicate the applicant would not benefit from the educational program.

English as a Second Language

The English as a Second Language program has additional requirements for admission. The applicant must, at a minimum, display an understanding of the alphabet and must also understand some commonly used words. Placement examinations (CELSA) are administered to each applicant.  Students must enter on the basis of the proficiency examination.  A pre-literacy program is available for high school graduates who cannot meet the basic admission requirements.

Applicants who plan to seek Title IV Assistance are required to possess an identifiable, occupational skill prior to entry.  Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Admission Department of the ICT/ILS campuses in Georgia or Texas.

Transfer Students

The institution encourages students to exempt any courses for which prior training may allow.  In the absence of a degree, the awarding of credit is based on the results of proficiency testing or review of official academic transcripts.  Credits are accepted where the student can demonstrate proficiency. Students are required to earn, either through academic pursuit or demonstrated proficiency, the number of credits as specified in each program of study.  At least fifty percent of the credits must be earned in residence. Recipients of Veterans benefits will be given credit for documented proof of a degree.

Advanced Standing/Proficiency

Applicants who have successfully completed prior academic work in an accredited post secondary institution may schedule a conference with the appropriate department chairperson. Official transcripts must be provided for evaluation.  Courses deemed as similar for which a grade of C or higher has been earned may be considered for transfer.  A maximum of fifty percent of the program requirements may be met through transfer. Transfer credit is not considered in determining overall grade point average. After registering and attending a class, transfer of credits is not acceptable.

Special Interest Students

Applicants who are interested in enrolling in single courses may do so by completing an application and paying the appropriate tuition and fees.  These students must adhere to all attendance and achievement requirements and are not eligible to participate in federal student financial aid programs. General Admission requirements one, four, and five are applicable.

Applicants who are below the compulsory school age must have permission from a parent or guardian and, in addition, must receive approval from the appropriate elementary or secondary school official. These students may not participate in any federal student financial assistance programs.

Guest Students

Applicants accepted or enrolled in other accredited institutions may register for individual courses after having been admitted as guest students.  Applicants desiring to register for classes as guest students are required to provide written authorization from their home institutions as the only requirement for admission.

Foreign Students

Students whose native language is other than English and who have student visa status are required to demonstrate reading and English proficiency in order to be considered for admission.  In addition, the student requiring issuance of a student visa must document financial well being and submit a tuition deposit. These requirements must be met in full prior to the release of the Form I-20.

Tuition and Fees

The institution publishes a Tuition and Fee Schedule.  Due to the various changes which may occur, the institution reserves the right to modify tuition and other charges at any time upon sufficient notice to the students and appropriate agencies. A current Tuition and Fee Schedule may be obtained from the Admissions Department.

Application Fee / Re-entry Fee

This fee is assessed and due upon application for admission or upon re-entry if a previous withdrawal.  The fee is refundable for three business days provided the student has not registered for classes.  The fee is $50 for program of study applicants or $15 per course for students enrolling in single subjects.  The ESL application fee is $50.  I-20 applicants have separate policies.