how to begin a career in human resource management

How to Begin a Career in Human Resources Management

Most people would agree that one of the most valuable assets in any business or organization are the people who work there. That makes the person or people who manage employee related matters an equally important asset. Employee relations, benefits administration, payroll, recruiting, hiring, and training employees are all business activities typically handled by human resources (HR). And with so

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5 career opportunities in information technology

5 Career Opportunities in Information Technology

If you thought the world couldn’t get any more technology driven, think again. From the time you wake up and take that first glance of the day at your smart phone, to making (or watching) a Tik Tok video from across the world, we humans cannot seem to get enough of that powerful thing called information technology (IT). Which is

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how to become a medical office administrator

How To Become A Medical Office Administrator

If you love the idea of working in the rapidly growing and rewarding healthcare industry, but you’re not so keen on the clinical side of that equation – you’re in luck! Because there’s a lot more to the healthcare industry than just doctors and nurses. Just like any business, a medical practice, clinic or hospital, require a team of not

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the ultimate guide to nailing your next job interview

The Ultimate Guide to Nailing Your Next Job Interview

Finding the job of your dreams isn’t always the hardest part of a job search.  The job interview is arguably the most stressful part of the process. So, how do you prepare for the interview? We’ve put together the ultimate guide to nailing your next job interview. 1. Educate yourself Start by educating yourself about the company you’re interviewing with.

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what do hvac technicians do

What do HVAC Technicians Do?

It’s safe to say that HVAC systems and the technicians who work on and install them – have made the world a much more comfortable place. After all, in the blazing heat of summer, can you imagine a world without the cooling comfort of an air conditioner? It’s equally hard to imagine living without the warmth of central heat and

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The benefits of externships

The Benefits of Externships

An externship is more than just an awesome way to get real-world experience in the field you’re looking to start a career in. For many people, it can be the deciding factor as to what route they ultimately pursue in that career. Why? Because externships give participants a sneak peek at a day in the life of – whatever profession

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10 reasons why you should invest in your education

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Your Education

For many people, getting an education can sometimes take a back seat to your more basic needs like – earning a living. It can be hard to imagine doing both at the same time. After all, there are only so many hours in a day, right? How will you afford it? Will it be worth it? If going to school

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What is bilingual administrative support and why is it on the rise

What is Bilingual Administrative Support and why is it on the rise?

With Hispanics making up the second largest ethnic group in the U.S., the need for bilingual employees in the workplace is growing at a rapid pace. And when you consider that out of the more than 60.48 million individuals of Latin American descent, only 25,626,084 reported being able to speak English “very well”, it’s easy to understand why. In fact,

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Father and daughter reading about ESL program on laptop

How Can I Balance Work and School?

Balancing Work and School: A Guide to Success in Your New Technology Program Today, it is often necessary for adults to return to school to advance in their careers. This is because the field of technology is constantly changing, and the skills that you learned a few years ago likely need to be updated if you want to move into

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What is the Biggest Mistake New Grads Make?

If you are in the process of looking for a new job, you already know how challenging it can be. When job leads are few and far between, it can feel like fishing. You are putting bait out there and waiting until something bites. What if you found out that you were using the wrong bait? What if you found

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