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Mission Statement


The institution provides training and certification opportunities for in-demand occupations that lead to wellpaying positions. Our goal is to educate and train success-driven men and women so they are able to find, obtain and keep better jobs, attain a better life, and be productive citizens of the world. Our values include INGENUITY, PERFORMANCE, NURTURING, HONESTY, SUCCESS AND TENACITY.

The above mission is implemented through the following objectives:

• to employ a recruitment process that is factual and straight-forward, and which evaluates each student individually, achieves the right program choice, and offers the guidance and support needed to achieve success;

• to provide a high value proposition, encourage personal investment, and discourage unnecessary student debt;

• to employ qualified professional and support personnel who understand and embrace the premise that the institution’s reason for being is the student; always being willing and available to engage in the extra steps and nurturing that are appropriate for each student;

• to maintain an organizational model that is responsive to change for all stake-holders, including the communities we serve, while adhering to the highest standards of ethics and integrity;

• to offer educational programs that are relevant and current, based on sound education and business principles; and which enable the student to attain a better life while achieving a high success rate with regard to all relevant industry-recognized certifications;

• to deliver essential general education components that complement and expand the student’s ability to achieve success, utilizing a wide variety of instructional delivery systems and all available technology;

• to graduate, place into employment or higher education, a high percentage of students enrolled; and

• to achieve reasonable business objectives and investment returns while fully implementing the total mission.

a professor talking to his students outside

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