2022 Newsletter

As we all know and experienced, the Covid-19 pandemic caused a lot of disruption in the learning process. Luckily, Interactive College of Technology was able to quickly
pivot to an all online learning model, but it was still a challenge for many students and instructors. Students had to fight the draw to lose focus due to isolation. Studies
have shown it was particularly hard on students with ADHD, anxiety, and other constraints. Luckily the majority of our students prevailed.

Now, ICT has been able to move back to a hybrid model that offers students the best of both worlds: in-class and virtual. Blended learning allows ICT students to connect from as far away as Myanmar. It provides a flexible system that can adhere to different learning styles as well. While it breaks barriers in accessibility, it also provides a space where students can thrive as an individual. They can still have a relationship with an instructor: asking questions, speaking with them live, able to understand social cues.

Of course, those actually in the classroom benefit from the support they get from fellow students and a focus that is harder to maintain at home. For example, VESL students
can practice their English while on break and in person.

The hybrid learning model, however, offers options that other institutions do not.

The student can decide what works best for him/her, their style of learning, and
their schedule.

ICT Officer’s List

CEO: Elmer R. Smith
President: Thomas A. Blair
CFO: Samona C. Roberts
VP of Enrollment: Greg A. Koch

Campus Directors

Chamblee: JoAnn Koch – VP
Gainesville: Sofia B. Lukas – Sr Campus Director
Morrow: Josue Rodriguez
Newport: Christina M. Jones
North Houston: Wynn F. Blanton
Pasadena: James A. Geletei Jr.
Southwest Houston: Diane K . Nguyen

our students are our mission


There is always something going on at ICT’s largest campus in Chamblee, GA. This year the campus has hosted the Columbian Embassy’s presidential election for their citizens in Atlanta. The HVAC Department invited some great HVAC companies to participate in a Career Expo. They held WIIFA’s USA International Innovation and Invention Expo. In the parking lot they helped with the We Love Buford Highway’s Back To School Giveaway, where hundreds of deserving families received needed groceries and school supplies.
Then, that same night the campus hosted Taste of Chamblee as well.

In addition, the campus has been renovating the Blair Academic Center. The school building showcases new flooring, décor, furniture, and will soon get new interior graphics. It’s a great facility for the campus’ academic offices, computer labs, large media center, and full cafeteria area. (You should try the arepas).


The students at ICT’s Gainesville campus have been very busy. They not only are keeping up with their studies but also a bunch of great activities. Their soccer and tennis teams, the ICT Iguanas, play in a weekly league. For those that can go to school during the
day, there is a mid-day board game club. Their book club also now has over
twenty members.

Of course, academics always come first. Gainesville’s Help Center has been offering extra help and Saturday tutoring that’s been very well-attended. They have had anywhere between just a few to over a dozen students attend.

Then, to celebrate students that are doing very well, the campus recently had their Honors Banquet. This event recognizes the students’ efforts in academics, attendance,
participation, leadership, as well as celebrates birthdays, and other occasions.


ICT’s North Houston campus has seen a lot of changes lately. In recent months the campus has made several key hires. Yolanda Dominguez is bilingual, service focused, and has joined the campus as a VESL Admissions Representative. Antoine Geffrard recently began his ICT career at the North Houston campus as well. He has a great deal of experience as a recruiter and is now helping ICT recruit students as an Occupational Admissions Representative. Johnny Hite, after years as a bilingual teacher, will join our team as a VESL Advisor. Last but not least, Trinidad Alvarado is now helping the campus in the Accounting Program. In addition to new talent, Mr. Joe Scott has moved from the Director of Education position at Southwest Houston to lead North Houston’s Education Department.


The Morrow campus has seen a flurry of action, starting with the front office. New Campus Director, Josue Rodriguez, started at the end of August. Mr. Rodriguez has an incredible resume with a decade of experience in the education industry. As a Director of Admissions and Campus Director, he has helped hundreds of students to reach their potential and earn better lives.

Josue is joining a great deal of new faces at the campus. Starr White has been promoted to the campus Director of Education from a Department Chair role in Chamblee. Ms. White has thirteen years of teaching experience, has a Master’s in Education, and is a published author. Rodney Pina has returned to ICT as a Senior Admissions Representative after a brief break. He’ll be working with Basty Mojica
and Maria Tamayo, who have been a part of the school’s VESL department, and
Le Tran-Nguyen, who has twelve years of experience in the education industry.


ICT Newport continues to grow. Over the last month the campus has gained a new Campus Director as Christina Jones transitions from the Director of Compliance
into her new role at the Newport Campus. Tamara German moved from Registrar to Admissions and the campus has added a new HVAC faculty member, Hashim Lowndes; while Kevin Miles has returned to the HVAC faculty with over twenty plus years’ experience in the industry.

We’re also incredibly proud to announce that the recent HVAC graduating class had
a 100% pass rate for both their NATE and EPA certifications. The student population continues to grow and, with the new partnership with the VA, cultivated via the assistance of Ms. Dianna Mamas, the energy on the campus is becoming
contagious. Great things are expected to happen for Team Newport.


Pasadena had some exciting news recently. They opened their very first HVAC Technician program. HVAC is also known as Residential Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.
The program offers training in all phases of installation, repair, and maintenance for the most important appliance in any house—the furnace and air conditioning system. The HVAC technician program opened with a class of fourteen students who are learning
all the electrical systems, tools, equipment, and practices of the profession. In the
end, they’ll all have an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certification in the management of refrigerant and a North American Technicians Excellence (NATE) Certification. Along with our Chamblee, GA and Newport, KY campuses, Pasadena,
is the third ICT campus to offer this program.


The students at Southwest Houston have had a lot of fun lately. The campus has recently hosted a Bring a Friend Day where students could invite a friend or family member to experience the school, take a tour, and get a sense of where their buddy
has been spending so much time. Every hard-working student needs a break sometimes, so the campus also hosted a pizza party for the students that had perfect attendance. They celebrated “International Day.” Plus, recent graduates participated
in a Graduation Parade to celebrate their accomplishment. Of course, ICT is all about helping the community outside as well as inside our walls. The campus recently held
a Veterans Career Day, to help those who have served find good jobs and further
their career.


The Interactive College of Technology Texas campuses recently hosted an accreditation reaffirmation team. The team visit is the critical step in receiving a new grant of accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education. The Council is based in Atlanta Georgia and accredits over seven hundred public and private two-year institutions that specialize in career-focused training, offering diplomas, and Associate of Science and Applied Science Degrees. The Council is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as an authorized accreditor.

Accreditation provides a challenging and encompassing process that begins with an institutional self-study to determine the institution’s compliance with ten rigorous standards relative to mission, educational programs, strategic planning, student
services, organization effectiveness, physical plant, and finances.

After submission of the Self-Study, the institution hosts an independent peer review team which reads and evaluates over 150,000 documents to determine compliance.

During this visit, the team had one minor finding. The institution expects to receive a new six-year accreditation grant, the maximum period.

We wish to thank our students, faculty, staff, and all ICT team members for their diligent work during this process.

The institution is licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, accredited by the Council on Occupational Education, approved
by the Veteran’s Administration to train veterans, approved by Immigration to enroll
non-immigrant students in most programs, and is certified as an eligible institution
by the U.S. Department of Education.

All these bodies work together to ensure our students receive a quality, compliant education.


Ms. Inga Suttle recently became
the new VESL Manager on the Chamblee Campus. Ms. Suttle has a Bachelors
in Journalism and Electronic Media Communications from the University of Tennessee. Though from Tennessee, she has spent the past five years in education in Georgia. We took a few minutes to sit down with Inga.

You came to ICT from teaching middle school students. Is there a huge difference in teaching adults?

Absolutely. Middle schoolers have to be there. Adults choose to be here. These students are here because they want to be here. They are invested because they want to advance their situation. I have students that own businesses and others that just want to facilitate a conversation with their child’s teacher in school. Learning English to them is paramount and can change
their lives.

What do you most enjoy about teaching at ICT?

It’s all about relationships. Our students could go to school anywhere. I feel it’s imperative for instructors
and staff to build 
a relationship with students so if they need to take a break or they graduate, those students will want to come back. 

We all have allegiances to somewhere.
I have an allegiance to Tennessee. But why? It’s because they make
you feel a part of something. Our students are the biggest part of ICT. Without them, there is no ICT.

So, what attracted you to ICT?

It really was the management.
I wanted to take a role as an instructor because I really liked
what ICT was doing. I can make
an impact here. Why I wanted
to become a manager 
is because
I wanted the students to 
look to management and say, “wow they really care.” When the students leave, I want them to have the same pride about ICT as I have about University of Tennessee.

What do you look forward to the most in your role?

I love training new people and new managers because they’re the face
of the school. When someone steps away from here, what are they going
to remember? They’re going to think about the people they met. So, I’m
more than facilitating payroll. If I have
a student complaining, I’ll talk with them and ask about the situation. I’ll ask, “have you talked with your teacher and told them what’s going on?” I also do the same thing with the teacher, telling them “let’s find a way to do
this better.”



This past quarter, ICT’s Southwest Houston, North Houston, and Pasadena campuses were able to all come together to celebrate their students’ graduation. After a long delay, due to COVID, the students that completed their studies over the last eighteen
months were eligible to come back to receive their diploma. Friends and family filled the Unity Church auditorium. The graduates, dressed in the traditional caps and
gowns, paraded to their seats. The graduates and guests heard from speakers, including two students representatives, the school’s President Blair, a business leader, and Houston Council Member At-Large Michael Kubosh. Mr. Kubosh even presented
the school with a special proclamation. Then, all fiftyeight students were
called to the stage to receive their degree.

When you provide your Campus Director with the name, phone number, and email address of someone you think might benefit from an ICT education, you’ll receive
a token of our appreciation

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