What Mistakes Do New Grads Make in the Job Search?

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If you are in the process of looking for a new job, you already know how challenging it can be. When job leads are few and far between, it can feel like fishing. You are putting bait out there and waiting until something bites.

What if you found out that you were using the wrong bait? What if you found out that you were fishing in the wrong pond? It could be true in your job search, and these common mistakes could be putting you further out into uncharted waters.

Mistake #1: You Allow Yourself to Feel Unmotivated

Bad energy can feel soul-sucking, especially when you are doing something important like looking for a new job. Lack of motivation may be the kicker, convincing you not to go to a networking event or not to submit your resume for a position you might actually be perfect for.

You can stay motivated by finding a new direction in your search and being specific about your niche. You should also know when to take a break from the search, stepping back to refocus as necessary.

Mistake #2: Applying for Everything at the Expense of Quality

It may be tempting to apply for every job you see, and it is, of course, better to apply for many jobs rather than just a few. Still, it is essential that you do not apply to so many jobs that you do not have the time to create quality materials.

You still must take the time to write a strong cover letter, for example. Take the time to write a letter specific to each company you apply for, avoiding the dreaded form letter that all businesses can recognize.

Mistake #3: Waiting Around for Answers

It is tempting to apply for a few jobs and then wait to hear back from them, but this is not necessarily the best idea. You should be applying for a steady stream of jobs in the interim so that you are not constantly moving at a “stop and go” pace.

You lose motivation during those times when you are not applying for work, and filling out new applications at a constant pace will allow you to stay motivated.

Mistake #4: Listening to Past Rejections

How many times do you think your favorite authors have heard rejections? How many times have your favorite actors been told that a role simply wasn’t a good fit for them? Some of the biggest successes in the world have faced more rejections than you can even imagine.

Rejection is a part of life, but you do not have to take it as a personal failure. Think of rejections or lack of interviews as lessons. What can you do to improve your cover letter or resume in the future?

Take a look at your materials from time to time to see how you can improve for the next application. For instance, you might learn to pay closer attention to the details of a job description so that you can perfectly cater your application to the employer. You can also improve your responses to common questions with each go-around.

There is no doubt about it: looking for a new job is hard. No matter the circumstances, there is a lot of stress involved in putting your best foot forward in the hopes of moving on in a new direction. This is why education is so important.

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