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Are There Smart HVAC Systems?

Technology is changing the HVAC landscape. HVAC systems have become updated with smart thermostats, algorithms, and smart sensors to improve air quality and comfort for homeowners. Along with these technological advances comes a demand for HVAC technicians trained in smart HVAC systems.  Do you want to train to become an HVAC technician that manages smart HVAC systems? Interactive College of Technology can help with our Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Residential program. Courses focus on refrigeration management, electrical circuits, HVAC computer fundamentals, customer service, and safety. After graduation, you are ready for an entry-level apprenticeship. So, what are smart HVAC […]

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Technical College vs Community College

Today’s higher education programs are diverse. Attending a traditional 4-year college isn’t your only option if you’re fresh out of high school. Community and technical colleges can help you meet your career goals with training in relevant fields. Which you choose, however, may immediately impact your job prospects.  Why Go to College after High School?  Most high school graduates go to college. However, some defer, opting to take a year or two off to rest, work, or travel while considering their career options. For some students, it’s a good idea. But going to college immediately after high school has clear […]

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How Does a Technical School Help Me Get an Education?

Going to college is the goal for many Americans. But books can only teach you so much about a specialized, hands-on trade. No one learns to configure computer networks or repair commercial refrigeration equipment by sitting in a lecture hall. Technical schools offer the comprehensive, job-focused training you need.  What Is a Technical School? Technical schools are post-secondary education programs that provide specialized training in a specific trade. Job-focused, the curriculum emphasizes the hands-on skills that are directly related to your chosen profession.  Why Choose Technical School Training?  Technical training is ideal for students pursuing careers in trade or technical […]

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What is the Difference Between HVAC, HVAC/R and Commercial Refrigeration Programs?

Are you ready to attend an HVAC program? If so, Interactive College of Technology is here to help. Not only do we offer three different programs, but we also offer many benefits that other technical schools don’t. So, what are the additional benefits you receive by attending ICT? What is the Difference Between Interactive College of Technologies Programs and Other Technical Schools? There are some main differences between ICT’s HVAC programs and other technical schools. They include: NATE Certification The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification proves your proficiency with commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems. Interactive College of Technology’s HVAC […]

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What is the Difference Between IT and Network Training?

Did you know that there are projected to be 377,500 job openings in IT each year through 2032? Many roles are available to those who have graduated from an IT program. If you want to learn more about information technology and start an IT role, let Interactive College of Technology train you in our Information Technology program. So, what exactly is information technology? And which careers are available for those who graduate from Interactive College of Technology’s Information Technology program? What is Information Technology? Information Technology (IT) is a catch-all industry term for computers, network infrastructure, and devices that help users access […]

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What are the Different Types of Accounting?

Accountant or bookkeeper is a role needed in almost every organization and every industry. Every company needs someone responsible for the correct calculation of the company’s revenue and financial progress. That means there is a demand for accountants and bookkeepers. So, why do you want to get into accounting? Is Accounting Right for Me? Every occupation has characteristics that make it suitable for certain people. In the case of accounting, it is an excellent occupation for those who feel comfortable working with numbers and are organized and detail-oriented.  If you like working with numbers, becoming an accountant or bookkeeper may […]

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What Does an HR Development Coordinator Do?

Before you start your exciting new career in human resources, you’ll want to explore your options. So, what position are you interested in? It might seem straightforward, but you must consider several specialties. If you are interested in a job as an HR development coordinator, your first step is learning as much as possible about the skills required and the tasks involved.  What Does an HR Development Coordinator Do?  The HR development coordinator is critical in the human resources (HR) department. They are responsible for managing any activities that directly involve the employees. That may include, but is not limited […]

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What is a Medical Records Support Specialist?

Data is the foundation of healthcare. So, if you have a knack for organization, why not consider a career as a medical records support specialist? The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects demand for medical records specialists at 8 percent growth throughout the next decade. What Does a Medical Records Support Specialist Do?  Medical records specialists organize and maintain paper and electronic health records.  Day-to-day responsibilities may include:  Data Entry Medical records specialists update patient files with new information. They ensure that documentation is consistently updated and accessible to patients and healthcare providers when requested.  Coding and Classifications Records specialists collaborate with […]

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¿Cuáles son los Beneficios de Aprender Inglés?

¿Está pensando aprender inglés, pero no está seguro de los beneficios? Aprender inglés como Segunda lengua puede ser su ventaja competitiva en la fuerza laboral y ayudarle a formar relaciones más sólidas con los miembros de su comunidad. Si esto no es suficiente para persuadirlo para que aprenda inglés, es el idioma más hablado del mundo. Aprender inglés puede acercarlo

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What is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Freezers?

Are you interested in how things work? Want to know the difference between a commercial and a residential freezer? If these things interest you, then becoming an HVAC/R technician may be the right career path for you. As an HVAC/R technician, you can use your problem-solving and critical thinking skills to install and repair commercial freezers for customers. So, what is a commercial freezer? What is a Commercial Freezer? Commercial freezers are used at businesses, such as restaurants, grocery stores, and food processing plants. These freezers are designed to store large quantities of food, medical supplies, and other perishable goods.  […]

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