How Can Vocational ESL Training Help You?

Interested in learning English to increase your employment opportunities? Vocational ESL training can help. The Vocational ESL program at Interactive College of Technology can prepare you for the workforce with English speaking skills that will help you stand out when you interview for your new job.

What is a Vocational ESL Program?

Vocational ESL training helps you master comprehensive English communication skills to secure a job that requires mastery of the English language. Learning English is invaluable training that opens employment doors to many opportunities in office work, bookkeeping, trades like HVAC, HR management, information technology, and medical office administration to name a few. The fluency that you acquire during a vocational ESL program will be a major part of your workplace success.

What do you learn during a Vocational ESL program?

A Vocational ESL program at Interactive College of Technology focuses on seven occupational steps to full English comprehension. They include:


During the Vocational ESL program, you will learn the fundamental words, conjunctions and phrases that help you communicate in work and life. The curriculum will immerse you in the English language, allowing you to learn basic words to improve your conversation skills. Before long, you will be forming sentences and engaging in full conversations, reading books in English and writing using your English vocabulary skills.


Listening is an important soft skill that helps you understand the words and meanings behind the conversations you engage in. Listening supplements communication and allows you to interpret information in the communication process. Understanding the English language in the context of a vocation will help you listen to coworkers and customers and better communicate your thoughts and desires.


During the Vocational ESL program, you will learn the art of speaking. Speaking allows you to communicate and express your thoughts and feelings, especially in a vocational setting. In Vocational ESL class, you will communicate exclusively in English so you can learn from increased repetition. This will prepare you for a job that requires you to speak with colleagues and customers in English.


Reading is the next step in the process once you can speak in the English language. During the Vocational ESL program, you will become familiar with stop words, adverbs, pronouns, roots, suffixes, and prefixes. Additional lessons will focus on word context. Whether you want to read a memo or email while at work, you will also need to learn the nuances of the English language to understand punctuation.


The next step in the learning process is to supplement conversation and reading with writing skills. English writing skills help you communicate with business correspondence like letters, memos, and emails. You will write many documents working in an office setting, so writing skills are important to succeed in a business setting.


One of the more important aspects to learn during a Vocational ESL is pronunciation. Words may have multiple meanings and can be pronounced in multiple ways. Knowing the difference between leaving for the day and giving leave will help you keep working at you new job and cut down on any misunderstandings. By using the pronunciation when you speak, colleagues and customers will be able to understand what you are saying.


The final lesson in a Vocational ESL program is proper grammar. Grammar is the structure and system of a language that governs the sounds, words, and sentences, and their interpretation. Grammar helps the reader better comprehend what they are reading. Plus, knowing that you took the time to use the right grammar signals that you are competent with the language.

How Can Vocational ESL Training Help You?

Attending a vocational ESL program gives you the confidence and qualifications to move into different positions at a business. With a Vocational ESL program, you learn to read, write, listen, and speak fluently in English. You also learn job-related vocabulary, correct pronunciation of difficult English words, grammar, and sentence structure.

Vocational ESL programs can help you find a career in almost any industry, including information technology, bookkeeping, business management, medical office administration, HR management, and HVAC. These are professions that continue to demonstrate market growth. There are also many benefits to attending a Vocational ESL program.

When looking for a job in these competitive times, speaking English with English speaking customers is a given. Most employers will want someone that can speak English to both colleagues and customers. Having a mastery of the language for communication both verbally and in writing will help you thrive in your career.

How Can I Learn Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL)?

To begin learning English, Interactive College of Technology offers a live and online Vocational ESL program. Our Vocational ESL training combines lab, class discussion, and group activities to help you better comprehend English. Each method helps with the English language skills as well as cultural transference.

Who Should Attend a Vocational ESL Program?

A Vocational ESL program is good for any job seeker. Plus, anyone who is seeking to advance their career, but needs to master the English language. A Vocational ESL program can equip you with the skills you need to start a career or qualify for advancement opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how Vocational ESL training can help you, it is time to learn more about the program offered at Interactive College of Technology. Vocational ESL programs are accredited and meet the same rigorous standards of excellence as does other classroom instruction at Interactive College of Technology. So, learn the ins and outs of the English language with our help and we will be with you every step of the way.

Want to Learn More?

Our Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) training program is designed for student success. Interactive College of Technology offers live online and in-person  English classes that fit into your busy schedule.

Our Vocational English as a Second Language classes are set up so your English develops skill by skill. Four levels of rigorous courses help you to comprehend the English language by combining lecture, lab, class discussion, and group activities. This effective method ensures VESL students are provided English language skills as well as cultural transference.

Let’s learn English together! Contact us now to learn more.

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