Why is it so Important to Learn Microsoft Office?

Are you interested in supporting executives or participating as a member of a diverse staff working in an office? Not quite sure where to begin? Admittedly, with so much information on the web, it can be overwhelming to choose the right career path. And, office work can lead you down many different paths. However, as you gain experience, skills, and knowledge, you will better understand your direction and what type of job suits you. Plus, after attending a Business Information Systems program, you will be prepared for an executive administrative assistant, project management, desktop publishing, or office manager role.

Are You Ready to Become an Office Worker?

Office work can be complex. Are you organized? Do you have good time management skills? What about your interpersonal skills? How is your communication? Do you have good attention to detail? What about your software skills and knowledge? Are you up to date on the latest Microsoft Office programs Knowing Microsoft Office tools and other software programs like Adobe, can help you become an effective problem solver, training you to use information across a wide variety of industries, and give you the skills and knowledge other candidates may lack. Knowing these software programs gives you the competitive advantage you will need to succeed. An easy way to prepare for your new office role is to start attending a Business Information Systems diploma.

What Does the Business Information System Program Offer?

Attending a Business Information Systems program is a positive step to move toward your goals as an office worker. The Business Information System program offers you training in Microsoft Office and Adobe software programs. In addition to being trained in the most widely used software program, you will obtain a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. This certification gives you a competitive advantage when applying for your new office job. Not only that, but the certification also helps boost your confidence. You will need confidence during the interview process. Knowing you have the skills and knowledge needed to do the job will help you prepare to work for organizations big and small.

Why is it so Important to Learn Microsoft Office?

Knowing Microsoft Office looks good on a resume and is a must in the business world. Microsoft Office is the most widely used software program in the world. Employers want you to be familiar with the program so you can skillfully complete office related tasks. Holding a Microsoft Office Specialist certification will verify your expertise and proficiency to potential employers. They know candidates that are proficient in Microsoft Office will be more confident and productive. A Microsoft Office Specialist certification covers Microsoft’s basic programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Microsoft Word

The most popular software program in the Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Word is a basic word processing program used to create letters, memos, newsletters, emails, and other forms of communication. Word has advanced features to edit your work with tools like spell check and grammar check, mail merge, and track changes.

Additionally, Word allows you to create tables and graphs, add pictures, and so much more. The premade templates allow you to create flyers, business cards, brochures, and print ads. While, not all these features will be used on a regular basis, as an office worker, you will use Word daily to draft, edit, and format the many documents created in an office setting.

Microsoft Excel

Employers are also looking for candidates who are proficient in Excel. Excel is used to create spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are an organizational tool that help track inventory. They allow you to perform light accounting, show others weekly and monthly expenditures, use graphing tools, and create pivot tables. In short, it is a convenient tool used for storing a lot of information into a single space by consolidating data onto a spreadsheet.

Excel also contains a macro programming language to automate complex and repetitive tasks though a variety of formulas. This can help you get more work done in a shorter amount of time. Also, certification in Microsoft Excel not only proves to employers you have the skills and knowledge needed to perform the office job, but it also gives you the confidence you need to create the perfect spreadsheet.

Microsoft PowerPoint

At some point, your employer will need you to create a PowerPoint presentation for a business meeting or conference. PowerPoints are widely used to make pitch decks, presentations, and reports. It is not only important to know how to create a PowerPoint, but you will learn how to make it stand out. PowerPoint has additional features to add charts, images, videos, and animation that can add interest to your presentations. It also allows you to customize the font color, type, and size. Plus, adding unique page transitions helps you move through the presentation quickly and efficiently. By knowing and using all of PowerPoint’s many tools, you can make yourself very valuable to your employer.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is another important program within the Microsoft Suite that employers want you to understand and become familiar with. What makes Outlook one of the top email clients is it easily syncs emails, contacts, and calendars into one convenient location. Additionally, you can set up meetings using shared calendars as well as organize your contacts, groups, and tasks. Features such as calendar collaboration, fax retrieval, as well as managing and recalling email, setting email reminders, and adding email security make it useful in the office to improve productivity.

Why is it so Important to Learn Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop?

Adobe offers software programs you will learn during a Business Information Systems program. Like Microsoft, Adobe is used in offices all over the world. Adobe software focuses on the creative aspects of printing, publishing, and graphics. So, what Adobe programs do you learn during a Business Information Systems program?

Adobe Dreamweaver

Businesses use Dreamweaver to design and manage their website. One of the benefits of Dreamweaver is that it is designed to create both simple and complex designs. This makes it easy to use by professional website designers and novices alike. Novice users can take advantage of templates to make pages uniform. Dreamweaver also offers some advanced features for those that take an interest in website design. As you become more familiar with the program, you will learn how to customize your website with menus, tabs, raw HTML, images, and plug-ins. Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the many software tools you learn how to use during a Business Information Systems program.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is used by different businesses and professions to edit photos and create one-of-a-kind graphics for the Internet. If you oversee the website or manage social media, Photoshop will help you create images, photos, and designs. It allows you to add to web pages and social media posts. Learning Adobe Photoshop will help you to perfect your craft and could lead to more responsibility and advancement in your career.

Final Thoughts

Office workers wear many hats and need to multitask. As an office worker, you will keep the office running smoothly. You will be the backbone of the office and someone that the staff can count on. So, ready to get started? Take the next step toward your work goals. Get the training you need and add these software programs to your resume. With the help of the Microsoft Office Specialist certification and Adobe program knowledge, you will stand out in this competitive workforce.

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