What Does a Business Manager Do?

Are you interested in becoming a business manager but not sure where to start? If you want to learn how to manage employees and successfully run a business, Interactive College of Technology has the right training program for you. We offer a Business Management degree program that will prepare you for your future.

What Does a Business Manager Do?

The business manager is the leader of the business. From managing teams to budget planning and everything in between, a business manager must learn the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful running the organization. Some of the many important duties of a business manager include:

Personnel Management

The business manager is responsible for recruiting, hiring, developing, and firing employees. A successful business manager can create an atmosphere that is conducive to success and hires the right mix of employees to fit the organization’s culture. Employees must work well in teams, which starts with a knowledgeable team leader.

Recruiting – The business manager must know what to look for in a candidate. They must understand how a candidate’s knowledge and skills match each position’s job description. With the endless number of hiring platforms, it takes talent to weed through thousands of resumes to find those diamonds in the rough.

Hiring – There are many steps in the hiring process, from reading resumes to the many interviews that will shed light on the candidate’s qualifications. It is important to ask the right questions and get a feel for the candidate’s temperament. Are you looking for a salesperson that is a go getter or an assistant that communicates well and has good attention to detail? It is important to also consider a candidate’s fit within the office culture. Will they get along with everyone else in the office and become a contributor to the overall team?

Developing – Most candidates will have raw knowledge and skills that may need additional experience and training before they advance in the organization. It is up to the business manager and HR department to develop the skills of employees, allow for continuing education and training employees to further master their skills. Benefits can also play an important role in motivating employees to reach their potential.

Firing – There may come a time when an employee is not performing or the business needs to cut staff to survive a downturn. It is important to exercise employee firing cautiously to not upset the office atmosphere. Done in a proper manner, the employee that is let go fully understands the reason and harbors no animosity toward the organization or business manager.

Customer Service Relations

Most positions in an organization deal with customers and business manager is no exception. Customers are the lifeblood of the organization so proper customer service relations is important. As a business manager, you should lead by example and treat customers with respect. Your employees will see this and understand their proper response to customer complaints.

It is also important to capture testimonials and positive reviews from happy customers. Many customers will trust positive reviews from other happy customers when considering engaging with your business’s products or services.

Marketing Strategies

One of the most important duties of a business manager is marketing. If customers don’t know about your product or service, then they can’t search for it at the local store or online. It’s important for the business manager to balance costs with the need for sales. They must understand how they will make the money spent on marketing back in the form of profit. Whether it is traditional advertising on TV or radio, online advertising on Google, or social media advertising on Facebook, the right marketing mix can help your organization succeed.

Day-to-Day Operations

Someone must open and close the brick-and-mortar store or manage employees in an office. This is an important duty of a business manager. Making sure everyone has the resources they need to help customers, properly identifying services that will add to the business, implementing the marketing strategy, and managing personnel all can fall under the business manager’s job role. As the business manager, you must make sure the organization runs smoothly and all employees are supported, allowing them to offer good customer service.

Light Bookkeeping

It is important to pay bills on time, make sure employees get payroll, and that cash on hand does not get depleted. Whether you are managing invoices, tracking debts, balancing budgets, or performing one of the other important tasks that relate to bookkeeping, as the business manager, you must keep the lights on, and employees paid for their hard work. During the Business Management training program, you will learn about account ledgers, balance sheets, cash flow statements, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and the other important accounting statements.

Budget Planning/Goal Setting

It is important to set goals and plan the organization’s budget to not deplete important funds. Setting goals will also allow you to understand when you hit each milestone and whether you are progressing in the right direction. Make sure to set short- and long-term goals so that you have something to work toward and offer employees a vision for success. Also, include the metrics and measurement tools that you will use to identify success. Along the way, you may need to pivot but make sure that your employees are aware of the new budgets and goals as they change.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what a business manager does, it is time to learn more about the Business Management program at Interactive College of Technology. Do you enjoy leading employees, managing the day-to-day operations of an organization, and managing employee personnel? If these tasks sound interesting to you, then becoming a business manager may be the right career choice for you. Interactive College of Technology has the training program that will prepare you for the exciting career. You bring your passion for business management, and we will supply the rest.

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