What Can a Vocational School Offer Me?

Are you interested in a new career but not sure what a vocational school can offer you? If you are just starting out or want to start a new and rewarding career than a vocational school has the right programs to start with. They will help you lay a foundation that you can build upon throughout your entire career. So, what is a vocational school?

What is a Vocational School?

A vocational school, also known as a technical or trade school, offers targeted vocational training to prepare students for an entry-level vocation. These vocations include many different industries from business and technology to healthcare and more. Some vocational schools offer diplomas and degrees, while others prepare you for certifications and license exams.

What Can a Vocational School Offer Me?

A vocational school can offer you many opportunities. From a great career to the ability to learn a trade, and everything in between, a vocational school offers you many benefits to accelerate your career.

Start A Career, Not Just a Job

Are you looking for more than just a job? Vocational schools prepare you for careers that are in demand. Whether you are interested in business, technical trades, information technology or one of the other rewarding careers that vocational schools offer, you have many opportunities to start more than just a job, but a satisfying career.

Prepare for the Future

Taking the time to attend a vocational school is a great way to prepare for your future. Lay a solid foundation that you can build upon throughout your career. Do you want to move up the ladder or progress in your current career? With the right knowledge and tools at your fingertips, you can secure your future, one step at a time. Vocational schools also offer career services, so the next time you have a gap in your employment, you can turn to your vocational school and get some support to identify the next phase of your career.

Support Your Family

Some of us take care of family members and it can be hard to get an education at the same time. Many vocational schools offer day and evening classes to allow you time to work during the day or take care of family members, while still getting that all important education. Lean on us because you already have a lot to manage and let us support your future.

Learn a Trade

The majority of programs at a vocational school focus on specific trades. Whether it is IT, HVAC or the medical trades, there is something for everyone. Decide what you are passionate about and then look for the trade that matches your ambition.

What are the Benefits of Attending a Vocational School?

There are many benefits to attending a vocational school. From getting a quick start in a new career to career services to find your first job in the industry and everything in between, vocational schools prepare you for a long and rewarding career.

A Quick Start

Did you know that you can complete a formal education at a vocational school in months, rather than years? Most vocational diploma programs can be completed in less than a year, and degree programs only take six or more additional months to complete. If you can’t stay out of the workforce for 2 to 4 years, then attending a vocational school may be the right career path for you. Start learning and then start earning.

Complete Curriculum

How can a vocational school offer a complete curriculum in less than a fraction of 4-year colleges? You only learn what you need to start your new career and nothing else. You get a complete curriculum of knowledge and skills to perform a vocation in many different industries. Since class sizes are smaller, you even get extra attention from instructors. Don’t worry about wasted time taking electives, just lay a foundation of knowledge that you can build upon throughout your career.

Industry Experienced Instructors

We only hire industry experienced instructors that have been in your shoes and know what you need to start working in your new vocation. Our instructors have ties with the community and know what employers are looking for in candidates. They are even available to offer one-on-one meetings and guidance throughout the curriculum. You get to ask every question you have and always have someone to lean on.

Linked-Minded Classmates

Another great benefit of attending a vocational school is meeting all the people in your classes. There are people of all skill levels and ages that attend vocational school. You never know when you will need to network with a former classmate to extend your career. You can even create study groups and partner with classmates to support one another while preparing for graduation. Someone is with you every step of the way.

Career Services

The best benefit of attending a vocational school is the career services offered from before you graduate and throughout your career. Do you want to move up the ladder in your current profession? The career services staff is available to help. You are also prepared for graduation and the interviews you will attend while looking for that entry-level position. The career services staff will help you build a solid resume, prepare you with mock interviews, and set up job fairs to meet employers in the community.

Vocational School Programs to Choose From

Whether you want to get into the medical, technical, computer, business or trade industries, vocational schools are a great way to start.

Business Programs

Vocational schools offer entry-level accounting and business application programs so you can learn to become a small business bookkeeper or work in an organization as an accounts payable, payroll, or general ledger specialist. Many of the business applications skills you learn translate into most office automation and data entry positions. The Interactive College of Technology offers a diploma and degree program that can prepare you for a career in accounting and business applications.

ICT also offers business programs in management and business information systems. Whether you want to manage a team or learn the skills that can make you a business analyst, ICT has the program that fits your needs. Learn management practices or the software that will make you a business information systems expert. The choice is yours.

Technical & Trade Programs

Do you enjoy solving problems and working with your hands? If you want to work outside the office, you can start working in HVAC or Commercial Refrigeration. The demand for HVAC technicians is growing and ICT offers the knowledge and skills you need to start a career in these technical and trade industries.

Information Technology Programs

Are you passionate about computers? ICT offers a program in information technology that will prepare you for industry recognized certifications from CompTIA and Microsoft. You will also enjoy 135 hours of work experience from supportive instructors that are invested in your success. Learn about network security, cloud services and virtualization in the IT program at ICT.

Healthcare Programs

Many vocational schools offer healthcare programs for those that are passionate about medicine. Many options in healthcare include nursing, medical assistant, and EKG technician. ICT offers a program in medical office administration that trains you on a wide range of medical administrative practices and processes. We prepare you for industry recognized certifications from CMAA & CEHRS, 135 hours of work experience in an externship and lifetime career placement support. A great career with great benefits.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what a vocational school has to offer, it is time to learn more about the Interactive College of Technology. Whether you are looking to get into the business, technical, information technology or healthcare vocations, ICT is by your side every step of the way. From applying to completing the curriculum and finding a job after graduation, we are ready to support you and your dream career.

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