What are the Benefits of Learning English?

A good way to think about the benefits of learning English is to equate it to getting a passport. A passport is an official travel document that gives you access to other countries and cultures. It allows you to visit and experience interesting places near and far. It is an instrument that gives the holder the ability to connect with people all over the world, and experience new cultures up close and personal. Ultimately, it offers a world of opportunities to do things you may have never done before.

When you learn English, doors of opportunity open that, absent the English language, would not open to you otherwise. It gives you the opportunity to communicate with people who are from a culture other than your own. It promotes understanding between different groups of people and breaks down both communication and cultural barriers. It is an extraordinary skill to have with many benefits. And the rewards for speaking English far outweigh the time spent in study learning grammar and vocabulary.

Benefit #1: English is A Passport to Career Success

So, what are the real-life benefits?

It gives you the opportunity to apply for jobs that require knowledge of English. In addition, it gives you the competitive advantage over other job applicants who do not speak English.  According to a 2018 study, 95% of employers said that they would pay more for someone who spoke English well.* As the business world increasingly becomes interconnected, the ability to communicate in English can be a steppingstone to a vast array of job opportunities. This capability can also lead to promotions and advancement. It is a passport to career success.

English for many international professionals is no longer an option in their line of work. Increasingly, multinational companies are opening sites in foreign countries increasing their need for English-speaking employees. Some companies pay for their employees’ English lessons and even send them to the language schools in designated countries. Whatever the case may be, the English language is in demand. This trend will continue to grow in the foreseeable future.

Benefit #2: English is the Language of Business

Because English is a global language, it is the language of business. Business transactions between the global community occur every day, and many of those communications are in English. Multinational employees outside of America communicate daily in English by phone and internet platforms such as Zoom. There are meetings, email responses, technical issues to resolve and questions from customers to answer.

Most offices in the United States also operate based on the English language. Whether sitting in a meeting, talking with coworkers, or providing customer service to clients, English is a valuable tool to have in your skillset.

Benefit #3: English is a Passport to Meet New Friends

English is the most widely spoken language in the world. That means that wherever your passport takes you, one of the billions of English speakers will be there. It is the official language of more than 50 countries with that number projected to grow in the near future. More countries are adding English as a requirement in their school systems which translates to more English speakers in the future.

Take the initiative and learn Vocational English as a Second Language so you can converse with the many English speakers within the US and globally. Having a common language can bring two strangers together.

Benefit #4: English Improves Cognitive Function

Learning another language also helps with improved cognitive function. Learning a new language can help brain development. Some of the improved brain functions include mental alertness, improved attention span, and the increased ability to demonstrate empathy. That empathy goes a long way in fostering relationships with people you may have heard about but have never met. It gives you the ability to judge others on their own merit. It may even lead to peace between groups of people.

How to Learn English

Where should you learn English? It only takes an internet search to be overwhelmed with the different platforms that offer English language instruction. Should you learn English online through self-study?? In-person study? There are many options available to the language learner, but not all options are right for everyone.

Due to the convenience of online study, its popularity has increased significantly. Yet, that option is limited when one needs help understanding a difficult linguistic concept. In addition, for learning to take place, online options are best suited for those who are disciplined enough to study consistently. Where this is not the case, there are more options.

The classroom also offers a wealth of classmates to converse with and practice your English-speaking skills. Plus, an instructor will be ready to mentor you through the difficulties of grammar and punctuation. Without instructors and classmates, you are on your own.

Learn Formal English

Business professionals need to learn formal English in an environment that will prepare them for global success. They need to learn the language of business and communicate with colleagues and customers alike with confidence. Whether it is writing a memo or speaking with a customer, having the knowledge of the English language will open up your communication skills.

Getting a Formal Vocational ESL Education

Vocational institutions have been teaching the English language long before it became popular. They have been successfully giving VESL students a competitive edge in a global economy, and their instruction has continued to evolve with technologically advanced study tools. Their English language programs give you the classes you need for success on the jobs, or to help you land gainful employment.

Their programs offer both full and curated curricula. In a nurturing, creative environment, you have the resources you need to master the English language. You have access to the instructors who also act as mentors. You can help others in study groups that you can initiate. These groups offer a supportive, non-judgmental environment in which language learning is developed and cultivated. You can practice what you have learned in class and help each other succeed. The small class sizes are conducive to effective learning and offer the opportunities for personalized attention from the instructor. This is not the case with all institutions.

Vocational Schools are Committed to Your Success

The vocational school commitment to you doesn’t end there. The staff is vested in your future. When you have completed the coursework, you will be equipped with an advanced knowledge of the English language that can offer you real career success.

Career Services are Available

The best part about attending ICT’s Vocational ESL program is that once you have graduated, you receive help from career services to find suitable employment. Our career services staff help you write a resume in English, prepare for interviews, and build your confidence conversing in the English language. Your vocational skills will be useful when it is time to join the workforce and obtain gainful employment.

Final Thoughts

If you are a business professional whose limited English knowledge is holding you back, contact Interactive College of Technology. It is an investment in your future that is too important to pass up. Your passport to career and personal success is waiting.

Want to Learn More?

Our Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) training program is designed for student success. Interactive College of Technology offers live online and in-person English classes that fit into your busy schedule.

Our Vocational English as a Second Language classes are set up so your English develops skill by skill. Four levels of rigorous courses help you to comprehend the English language by combining lecture, lab, class discussion, and group activities. This effective method ensures VESL students are provided English language skills as well as cultural transference.

Students receive all VESL program materials to keep. You’ll also be provided with a personal email account, resume writing, and job placement assistance, media center access, and more! Our campuses are located across Georgia and Texas.

Let’s learn English together! Contact us now to learn more.

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