4 Careers You Can Begin After Completing a Short Diploma Program

If you are extremely eager to begin a new career, then you may not want to wait four years to obtain your bachelor’s degree or even two years to obtain your associate’s degree before you can change career paths. Luckily, many short-term diploma programs allow you to train for a great new career in just a few months to a year.

Read on to learn about just a few of the career fields you can enter after completing just a short diploma program.

1.  Accounting Clerk

If you have a passion for numbers, then you should know that there are career fields you can enter with an accounting diploma. An accounting diploma will prepare you for a career as an accounting clerk. Accounting clerks typically work for businesses and help the business owners and managers record and balance their income and expenditures.

2. Computer Service Technician (IT Specialist)

If you have a passion for computers or would love to understand how they work, then you can begin a career as a computer service technician, also called an IT specialist, after completing a diploma program. When training to become a computer service technician, you will learn how to troubleshoot, repair and perform maintenance tasks on computers.

After you earn your information technology specialist diploma, you can choose to work for a company and perform all of their necessary IT work on a regular basis or start your own business as a computer repair professional.

IT specialists earn average salaries of just over $64,000 a year.

3. Web Designer

If you are creative, then you should know that you can become a web designer after completing just a short diploma program. A web designer designs the front end of a website that visitors see when they visit the site. You will perform graphic design tasks as a web designer, write website copy, design the website navigation menu, and much more. You will also be responsible for updating website content as needed and performing regular website maintenance.

As a web designer, you can work for yourself as an independent contractor or work for a company.

4. Medical Office Administrator

If you have always wanted to work in the medical field, but don’t want to spend years training to become a doctor, then consider becoming a medical office administration specialist. You can enter this career field after earning just a diploma, and you can then be prepared to work in a medical office performing a wide variety of tasks. You can choose to work in a small medical office, large hospital, or a variety of other healthcare facilities.

Tasks often performed by medical office administration specialists include processing insurance payments, checking in patients at a front desk, performing patient scheduling and keeping track of patient lab results. You will also earn a certification in billing and coding.

If you are interested in enrolling in a short-term diploma program that can help you enter a new career field very quickly, then contact the Interactive College of Technology to discuss your educational program options.

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