Technical & Business Programs:  888.234.1746

Aprende Ingles – ESL:  800.ESL.1010


Technical & Business Programs: 888.234.1746

Aprende Ingles – ESL: 800.ESL.1010

ICT for a great career and a better future

What ICT can do for you

Interactive College of Technology is more than just a college or trade school. We provide students with thorough guidance and caring advice that gives direction to their education. Unlike other colleges, students and graduates of ICT never have to feel left alone when it comes to finding employment and building the foundations of careers. Our instructors and counselors make extraordinary efforts to ensure that students are given the skills and resources they need to build careers that meet their needs and desires as well as instilling character-building experience. Students of ICT don’t just learn to master their craft, skill, and discipline, and they walk away with more than a degree or certificate. The students who graduate from ICT leave with a newfound confidence in their abilities and a strength that is routed in their intellectual accomplishments.

Over 100,000 and counting

With over 100,000 students trained at ICT, Interactive College of Technology has long since proven our power to enhance the lives of all of our students. 100,000 students and graduates means 100,000 lives changed for the better. ICT has developed strong principles and incredibly effective teaching methods over the course of our 30 years of experience. We constantly develop, evaluate, and modify our methods of instruction and counseling to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world that expects the utmost flexibility. We expect the same adaptability from our teachers that we would from our students, ensuring the highest quality of education for each student at ICT.

30 years of experience in vocational education has made ICT a lifelong solution to ending the vicious cycles of paycheck-to-paycheck living, lack of job security, and all of the vicious cycles of “just keeping up.” ICT students have the privilege of opportunity of finding careers that will change their lives for the better. If they can do it, then so can you.

Job placement assistance for our students

ICT doesn’t leave you in the dark. Upon approaching graduation or even after graduating, ICT students are well taken care of by our counselors and instructors. We work hard to see that your hard work pays off, and it is an honor each and every time that ICT finds the right job for our students. ICT is about careers. It’s the reason to come here and the gift you leave with after graduating. Careers are different from jobs. Jobs are a means to an end, a way to get by. Careers are a way of life and a foundation for a future that every person deserves to experience. If you have the drive, let ICT get you there.

Unique teaching for a new generation

ICT combines virtual instruction with hands on training to create a unique experience for our students that is flexible with the schedules of this new world, which can be very busy. We work with our students to create learning scenarios that challenge their abilities without interfering with their lives. After all, ICT is about enhancing the life you have, not weighing you down. At ICT, you’ll experience a combination of online learning and hands on instruction that will give you all the knowledge and experience you need to have the career of your dreams while still working around your life.

Ask about our financial aid programs

ICT is a fully accredited college and vocational school with financial aid programs to meet the needs of our students. No matter who you are, what you do, or what your situation in life might be, there is always a way. ICT works with our students to find that way and give them financial solutions that give to them opportunities they might not otherwise have. ICT’s philosophy is simple. If you care, then so do we. We try to find every possible avenue of financial aid for our students to give them a top-quality education at an affordable price. ICT believes that no person should feel helpless. We’re all about enriching the lives of people and giving them the opportunity to maximize the benefits of their hard work, and it shows in our dedication to securing financial aid for our students.

 Now you know what makes ICT the college and vocational school that could change your life. We build careers. We build lives, and we can change yours. Get in touch with us today and begin the journey to your dream career and a new way of life.