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Why you need to be certified to get a good job in this economy!

Recently WSB in Atlanta reported on why IT certification is KEY to getting a good job in today’s economy.

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Now Hiring: Good Paying Tech Companies

Posted on Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011 By Amanda Moyer

Dozens of local technology firms say they’re having trouble finding employees even though Georgia’s unemployment rate is at 10.2 percent and metro Atlanta’s jobless rate is at 10.4 percent.

According to the Technology Association of Georgia, there are 5,000 open tech jobs in the state right now.

Sage Software Recruiting Director, Chad Godhard, tells Channel 2 Action News it’s tough to fill the positions. “We’ve got some entry level jobs that are open right now that pay in the ($40-50 thousand) range,” said Godhard.  Greenway Medical is one of 300 Atlanta companies focused on health information technology.

“In the last eight months, nine months we have hired 140 people.  I think we just locally sourced another 55, so a lot of opportunity and openings in our company,” said Justin Barnes with Greenway Medical.

The state is trying to get more colleges and technical schools to offer software certification programs.  The certification process on starting programs can take as little as six months. Barnes says it’s hard to find qualified applicants.

“These are high-tech jobs, high-paying jobs, so tremendous opportunity and certainly we can make a good dent in unemployment numbers if we can satisfy that,” said Barnes.