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ICT News

Home-Grown High-Tech

We were recently featured in The Atlanta Journal Constitution as one of the schools where you could obtain the skills necessary to join the high-tech field.  For several decades, Atlanta has been among the favored cities of the high-tech industry. The trend continues as companies are either established or relocate here on an almost monthly basis and need to fill jobs.

Education Offers Training and Job Leads for New Career Path

After graduating in 2013 with an associate degree in computer information systems technology, one of our students landed a job as a system engineer – read about his decision path for this exciting new career.

Interview by

We were recently interviewed by Karen Powell of on her weekly webcast where we discussed the advantages of attending ICT/ILS and current college issues. Click here to listen to it.

VERY good article about the importance of writing a cover letter.

If you’re looking for a job, this is a must-read!

People that further their education earn more.

Recent speech at political rally is fact-checked and proven true:  People that further their education earn more money.

Want a government job?  Better get certified!

Here is a recent article stating that to get a government job you need to be certified.

Recent article on WSB about why you need to be certified to get a good job in this economy.

Recently WSB in Atlanta reported on why certification is KEY to getting a good job in today’s economy.