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Receive Your NATE Certification

HVAC/R Technician Training Program at ICT’s Chamblee Campus

Interactive College of Technology (ICT) in Chamblee, near Atlanta, Georgia is one of the few career schools that include preparation for NATE (North American Technician Excellence) Certification as part of their HVAC/R Technician Training Program. We are committed to helping you build a successful career and offer skills-based learning to boost your job readiness and confidence.

Being certified by NATE means that you meet industry standards, and immediately distinguishes you from other candidates. Our externship program also helps you practice these newly acquired skills and gain a real world experience.

Georgia currently ranks among the nation’s top ten states for career opportunities available to HVAC/R technicians. Save time by preparing for NATE Certification along with your HVAC/R Technician Training Program at ICT. Offered at our state-of-the-art campus in Chamblee, our career school serves local students as well as those in nearby Atlanta.

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HVAC/R Diploma and NATE Certification at ICT

The HVAC/R program at ICT trains you in all phases of repair and maintenance of HVAC systems. It culminates in 135 hours of externship in a partnering company in Chamblee or nearby Atlanta. Our practical curriculum is based on current industry requirements and taught by recognized professionals. It prepares you for an entry-level HVAC technician or maintenance technician job in a variety of settings such as residential complexes, schools, hospitals, office buildings and factories.

Preparation for important industry certifications such as the EPA and NATE offer an excellent chance to advance your career in a highly competitive job market.

If you qualify for it, financial aid is also available to help you offset the cost of your HVAC/R training program.

NATE Certification and Job Placement Assistance at ICT                                       

The HVAC/R Technician Training program at ICT is designed to help our graduates do well on the job. The NATE Certification preparation and externship opportunities demonstrate our commitment to helping you succeed.

We also provide employment assistance to help graduates find jobs.  This includes preparation for job placement in important areas like resume writing, interview skills and techniques, job negotiation, and more. The Employment Assistance Coordinator also works with you to determine areas of employment interest and explore employment options. You are then informed as options become available.

To improve your job prospects, you can also sign up for our continuing education programs.

Enroll in our HVAC/R Technician Training Program with NATE Certification preparation to start an exciting career today.

To tour the facility and find out more about our NATE Certification preparation in Chamblee near Atlanta, please call 888-234-1746 or fill out the form on this page.