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Employment Assistance

A Life-long Commitment

The institution is very proud of its consistent performance in providing career placement assistance for graduates of all of our educational programs, recognizing that this step is, for many, the fulfillment of their educational objectives.

In many ways, it is the standard by which any institution of higher learning should be judged. Are graduates able to secure employment based on the career path provided for the school?  For many, the assistance rendered in helping the graduate find employment is worth the entire amount of tuition.

The most important objective of our placement staff is to assist each graduate in obtaining employment in his/her area of specialization.  Satisfactory completion of coursework is required in order to receive graduate placement assistance.  The Employment Assistance Department provides specific training in various job-seeking techniques, including self-placement.

The Employment Assistance Process

The Employment Assistance Coordinator works with each eligible student prior to graduation to determine areas of employment interest and to explore employment options.  Students are then informed as options become available.  The preparation for placement process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Resume preparation
  • Dressing for success
  • What to expect in an interview
  • Interviewing skills and techniques
  • Job search resources
  • How to attack the job market
  • Employment negotiation, and more.

Although it is impossible to guarantee each student a job or a specific wage rate, the Employment Assistance Department works diligently to provide appropriate leads and arrange specific interviews.  Records indicate that graduates of Interactive College of Technology and Interactive Learning Systems are well received in the business community.

Continuous employment and re-employment assistance is provided to all eligible graduates. ICT is committed to providing placement assistance to graduates for as many times as needed, for as long as the graduates intend to be a part of the work force. Of course, this applies to the field of study and the geographical areas served by the institution. ICT is one of the few institutions nationwide that provide this level of Graduate Placement Assistance.

Placement rates and a list of companies that have hired our graduates for all programs of study are available at each campus and in the Student Services section of this web site.

Employment Assistance is available to all graduates of all programs at ICT.