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GED Preparation Service

ICT now offers a GED (General Educational Development) preparation service. This service is designed to assist those who did not complete a high school education or those who do not have access to their high school completion documentation.

Recent Department of Education regulations mandate that a person must have either a High School Diploma or GED in order to pursue any level of post-secondary education.

Upon enrollment in the Preparation Service, each student is provided with a pre-assessment; an evaluation that determines individual strengths in the five primary areas covered in the GED test.  These areas are Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies and Science.  A plan is then developed based on each student’s scores.

The program is designed to be completed in 20 weeks or less, with the actual length depending on the results of the pre-assessment.

An application fee of $15 and $25 pre-assessment fee are required at the time of enrollment.  Thereafter, the student pays only $20 per week for the preparation service.

Upon completion, a list of GED Testing Centers is provided to each student.

The GED Preparation Service is a stand-alone service, and is not considered an enrollment in any ICT academic program of study.

Please contact the campus nearest you for more information about the GED Preparation Service or any of the academic programs offered at your local campus.