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Technical & Business Programs: 888.234.1746

Aprende Ingles – ESL: 800.ESL.1010

Continuing Education Courses

Our new Continuing Education Department is working hard to provide relevant courses that you can apply to your life.  Whether you need to satisfy industry requirements, want to learn something to boost your productivity or to build your resume, our Continuing Education courses may be just what you need.

We currently have several new offerings under construction.

Call 770-216-2960 for updated listings.

Continuing Education courses with Interactive College of Technology offer a convenient and quick way for you to advance your education and enhance your current career.  We encourage you to learn more and to contact Interactive College of Technology today!

TOEFL Preparation Courses:

If your current need is to prepare for an upcoming TOEFL exam or improving pronunciation, we have what you need.

Contact Lucena Jimenez at  770-216-2960 for current schedules and course tuition rates


CED 310 TOEFL Preparation: Reading and Listening 36
CED 320 TOEFL Preparation: Speaking and Writing 36

*Taking both courses is recommended in order to maximize chances of scoring higher. Students may begin with CED 310 or CED 320. CED 310 is NOT a prerequisite for CED 320.


TOEFL Preparation Course Descriptions:

Course #:

CED 310

TOEFL Preparation: Reading and Listening

(Credits = 3.6 CEU’s*) *CEU’s = Continuing Education Units

In this class, students learn about the types of reading tasks and listening materials that make up the reading section and the listening section of the TOEFL iBT. They learn strategies that will help them answer the questions and improve their reading and listening scores. In the reading section, students develop scanning skills, learn to read for main ideas and details, develop vocabulary building skills, demonstrate understanding of long and complex sentences, and analyze the organization of ideas. In the listening section, students learn to develop note taking skills and also practice answering different types of questions including main idea and detail questions, speaker attitude and purpose questions, and learn to identify the organizational patterns of a lecture or academic discussion.

Course #:

CED 320

TOEFL Preparation: Speaking and Writing

(Credits = 3.6 CEU’s)

In this class, students learn about the types of speaking questions and writing tasks that make up the speaking section and the writing section of the TOEFL iBT. They learn strategies that will help them answer the questions and improve their speaking and writing scores. In the speaking section, students learn to state and explain their opinion. In addition to learning how to answer speaking questions, students also develop their pronunciation skills and note taking skills. They also demonstrate how pieces of information obtained from different sources are related. In the writing section, students learn to write different types of essays with an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Editing skills are also developed.


More details about our TOEFL Preparation courses:

  • 2 days of class per week
  • 2 hours per class + outside lab work
  • Each course meets ten times
  • Classes meet Monday & Wednesday
  • Morning class: 10 am – 12 pm
  • Evening class: 7 pm – 9 pm
  • Textbook includes Answer Key + Access Code to website with unlimited extra practice
  • 6 CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) offered per course
  • Certificate of Completion given per course


Call Lucena Jimenez at 770-216-2960 for Details

Advanced Pronunciation and Conversation Class
Chamblee Campus Only

Are your English-speaking skills strong but not where you’d like them to be?  If you’d like to enhance your speaking skills to be proficient in advanced English conversation we can help you!  We offer English pronunciation classes that can provide you with a stronger understanding of the English language.  Our Advanced Pronunciation and Conversation Courses can be an excellent and convenient way for you to increase your English language proficiency.

Advanced Pronunciation and Conversation  – Dates to be determined

CED 330 – Advanced English Conversation

CED 340 – Advanced English Pronunciation 

Learn Spanish
Chamblee Campus Only

Our Spanish courses are designed for adults with little or no understanding of the Spanish language. They focus on expanding and developing conversational skills through listening and speaking about a variety of topics.

LAS 212 Spanish for Society 6 pm – 9:50 pm Monday & Wednesday 1/4/2017 – 4/18/2017
LAS 214 Spanish for Business 6 pm – 9:50 pm Monday & Wednesday 5/1/2017 – 8/15/2017