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Career Training Schools – How to Compare and Select the Right One

There are hundreds of career training schools in Georgia, Texas and Kentucky and that can make your selection process confusing and difficult. The best way to shortlist your choices is by matching their training programs to your needs.

Ask these 3 important questions when comparing different career schools:

  • Is the career training school recognized? You don’t want to spend time, effort and money on a career course that will not be recognized by potential employers.
  • Do the career courses offer hands-on training? Practical knowledge and skills are essential in order to do your job and handle challenges efficiently.
  • Does the school provide externship opportunities? Being able to practice your newly acquired skills in a live setting will sharpen your skills and boost your confidence.

Interactive College of Technology (ICT) career training schools in Georgia, Texas and Kentucky include practical learning with every course curriculum. This helps our graduates gain a competitive edge and build successful careers. You will receive a well-rounded education with hands-on skills training (plus 135 hours of externship) in whichever diploma or associate degree program you choose.

To enhance our students’ efforts in finding a job or advancing to the next level, our accredited training school also provides career placement assistance.

Multiple campus locations, including Chamblee, Gainesville, and Morrow, GA; Houston’s Southwest Campus, Houston’s North Campus, Pasadena, TX and Newport, KY make it convenient for students to access our career training facilities.

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Choosing a Course at ICT’s Career Training Schools

ICT career training schools serve the diverse interests of students in Georgia, Texas and Kentucky.  We offer multiple diploma and associate degree technical school programs with relevant industry certifications to match your career path. Students can also get ESL training to improve their job prospects. Click on your program of choice to find out more. 

”Learn by Doing” at ICT Career Training Schools

At ICT career training schools, our students ‘learn by doing’. Our skills training is virtually 100% hands-on. This functional training plus 135 hours of externship in an organization near the campus provides a valuable, real-world experience.

Being an accredited career training school, we adhere to and maintain high standards of education. We also let you set a schedule that works for your lifestyle or employment – we offer day or evening classes, or even a combination. Financial aid is available, if you qualify, to help you meet program costs.

Enroll at one of our accredited career training schools and begin your new career today.

To tour the facility closest to you and find out more about our career training schools in Georgia, Texas and Kentucky, please call 888-234-1746, or fill out the form on this page.