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Business Management Program

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Business Management
Associate of Science Degree

The only 2 year degree program in Atlanta!

The Business Management program is designed for individuals interested in starting or managing a small business or an independent department of a larger organization.  The program guides the student through the process of learning the business fundamentals of a small business including developing marketing strategies and managing the business for success.  The students will learn about legal issues, ethical standards, vital selling skills, and customer service.  Furthermore, they will learn how to operate a small business, market their product/service, and manage people.  The course includes an externship component where students gain real-life experience.  The general education component is designed to enhance the student’s general knowledge and awareness of significant issues in the workplace and in the student’s professional development.

The mission of the Business Management program is to provide students the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to successfully create and develop or manage a new venture, or lead the creation and development or management of a new department within a larger organization.

Upon completion of this 2-year, 72-credit hour degreed program, the student will have a practical understanding of the requirements needed to start a new business venture or an independent department within a larger organization. Through the program’s externship the student will have an opportunity to see real-life application of the lessons learned in the classroom.

Upon graduating the student will have learned:

  • How to take an idea for a product or service from concept to revenue production
  • The dynamic of business structures and how a new business or new department is set up
  • The accounting principles of a new business, including financial statements, projections, and controls
  • How to design and implement a marketing strategy
  • The dynamics of selling
  • The legal issues involved with entity selection, contracts, and other relevant topics
  • The various aspects of growing a workforce and support team, including writing a job description, setting compensation, hiring, training, and career development
  • How to incorporate a web-based strategy into the company’s business plan
  • How to fully prepare a business plan
  • How to raise funding for a business plan