Why Learn English?

There aren’t too many things that have the power to dramatically change your life for the better: a vocational education, a better job, and knowing how to speak English are just a few.

English significantly improves the lives of those who have learned it. It is an international language and will continue to be the communication path of the future. So, why should you learn English?

Why Learn English?

English is spoken by millions of people worldwide and it can increase your job prospects and give you the mobility you need for career success. It can also foster cultural understanding and open a world of social activities that would not otherwise be possible. There are many benefits to speaking English.

Benefit #1: Improve Communication Skills

Speaking in English is more than just conversation. Learning to pronounce words is as important as the words you choose to say. There are many options when communicating in English whether you are in a professional setting or talking with friends. Each setting has its own set of English protocol. Further, it is important to use the correct phrasing to not offend anyone, especially customers. Also, writing and corresponding in English will help you better communicate with customers and coworkers. This includes proper grammar to convey the right sentiment within your correspondence.

Benefit #2: Career Advancement

Many English Language Learners (ELLs) gain more upward mobility in their careers. Knowing how to speak English makes you a highly sought-after candidate in a competitive global job market. It unlocks your career potential. Plus, it may be the deciding factor in an employer making a hiring decision.

Many office jobs like medical office administration, IT, and bookkeeping require employees to speak English with customers and coworkers. Completing an VESL program puts you in the driver’s seat to obtain many office-related jobs.

Benefit #3: Job Relocation

Right now, millions of people would like to work in the United States to improve their financial and career status. Knowing the English language coupled with certain professional skills gives you that opportunity. English opens doors for office workers, including jobs like accounting, business management, HVAC, human resources management, information technology, and medical office administration. These skills and English proficiency allows you to thrive in a new career.

Benefit #4: Social Networking

There are 195 countries in the world and English is the most widely spoken language among them. In fact, as of this date, English is an official language in many of those countries. And, while English is not the mother tongue for most countries, many residents speak English. That means that wherever you travel in the world, there is a good chance that someone will be able to communicate with you in English. While you may not be able to speak with them in your native tongue, English will bridge that communication gap quite nicely.

What Do You Learn in an VESL Program?

Strong VESL programs are designed to help you gain fluency in oral and written English. It will enable you to communicate effectively in business and everyday situations. These courses are both practical and academic to help you speak English fluently in your daily life. Most programs accomplish this by teaching English grammar, reading, pronunciation, listening, speaking, and improving your listening comprehension. Pronunciation, in particular, can be difficult because some American sounds are foreign. Thus, you must be trained in how to form the sound physically. This takes effort, but vocational ESL instructors are well trained to produce results.

Experience demonstrates that vocational schools are among the very best places to learn English. They offer engaging curricula that bring the practicality of the English language to the classroom. Teaching theory with conversation engagement makes for an interesting classroom learning experience, and vocational ESL is designed to make language relevant to your communication needs. The vocational school’s method of teaching brings practicality and intellectual knowledge together. It is lively with visuals and props to make learning effective in a fun environment. Instruction is integrated with the conventional approach as well, which includes drills and repetition.

Why Vocational Schools for VESL Instruction?

Learning at a vocational school can give you a supportive learning environment and help you learn more effectively. From industry experienced instructors to flexible schedules and everything in between, attending an VESL program at a vocational school opens up many doors to employers in Texas and Georgia.

Industry Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have years of experience teaching VESL programs and know where each student is starting in their journey to learn English. Working with smaller class sizes allows our instructors to offer one-on-one attention and be available whenever needed.

Small Class Sizes

The small class sizes ensure that individual attention is given to each student. It can more easily foster classroom relationships that make for a stronger learning environment.

Crafted Curriculum

The carefully crafted lesson plans are appropriate for each student’s level. Your language skills are assessed so that you are in the appropriate classroom. You learn with academic materials that offer effective language learning, and you keep those materials once the class has ended. This helps you keep your language skills sharp.

Career Services

Once the classes end, the commitment to your success does not. Graduates can take advantage of the many services that vocational schools offer to launch a career. Interactive College of Technology (ICT) offers job placement and other career assistance, demonstrating that your success is a hallmark of the VESL program.

Flexible Schedules

Vocational ESL programs are also very convenient and offer day and evening classes. You are placed in a classroom that is appropriate for your fluency level and continue learning throughout the VESL program to build your knowledge of the English language. This classroom success is achieved by employing highly experienced VESL instructors with a proven track record of helping you increase your English language skills.

Final Thoughts

Since the advent of the Internet, the ease of worldwide travel and cross-border communications has made the world a lot smaller, theoretically speaking. If you are an English Language Learner, your acquisition of the English language will have a significant return on your investment that comes with many benefits. And learning at a vocational school is one of the best ways to make your dream career come true.

Want to Learn More?

Our Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) training program is designed for student success. Interactive College of Technology offers live online instruction English classes that fit into your busy schedule, so you can support your family with an VESL education made for you.

Our Vocational English as a Second Language classes are set up so your English language skills develop skill by skill. Four levels of courses help you to comprehend the English language by combining lecture, lab, class discussion and group activities. This effective method ensures VESL students are provided English language skills as well as cultural transference.

Let’s learn English together! Contact us now to learn more.

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