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Associate of Science Degrees

The technology explosion has created the need for highly trained and educated paraprofessionals and technicians. In a service economy reliant on technology and information management, a wealth of opportunity exists for persons who have more than a high school education but less than a Baccalaureate Degree.

The Associate of Science Degree Program at Interactive College of Technology is intended to meet this unique need for workers who know not only how to perform occupational or technical tasks but how to communicate effectively, think critically, work cooperatively in a team environment and to use technology to meet the demands of employers and customers.

The Associate of Science Degree Program requires the completion of a minimum of 60 semester hours and may be completed in a minimum of four semesters depending on the student’s academic load per semester. In each program a minimum of 18 credits in general education courses is required. The remaining credits are composed of major and major‑related courses.

The general education component of the degree programs consists of 18 hours of an academic core designed to assist the development of the knowledge and skills necessary for graduates to enter, prosper, and advance in their chosen occupations as well as to function more effectively in other areas of their lives.

General education class offerings prepare students to:

    • Improve their writing, speaking, and listening skills.
    • Solve problems through logical reasoning and analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
    • Understand and use quantification and scientific knowledge and methods to solve problems.
    • Increase their understanding and appreciation of themselves and others and enhance their interpersonal communication skills.
    • Improve their ability to learn how to learn and to strengthen their commitment to lifelong learning.
    • Better comprehend the world in which they live so that they can function more effectively in it.

Each program offers students both requirements and recommended electives from the general education core. Students must earn a total of 18 semester credit hours in general education, including a minimum of three semester credit hours from each of the following four areas:

    • Humanities
    • Natural Sciences
    • Behavioral Sciences
    • Mathematics

Courses designated as a requirement in one area may not be taken to fulfill a requirement in a different area. A minimum of fifty percent of the required credits must be completed in residence to gain the credential.

As with all programs of study at ICT, each Associate of Science degree program includes an externship with a partnering company near the campus for 135 hours. Our Career Placement Assistance office works with each student to find the organization that is the best fit for them. This gives the student the opportunity to put their new skills to use and gain real-life career training. The externship must be completed for graduation.

Office Technology Degree Programs
All Campus Locations

The Associate of Science Degree in Office Technology provides training that prepares the graduate for a career in the automated environment of a modern business office. This business technology degree program provides a solid foundation in office skills, including the theory and use of the basic computer applications and operating systems.

In addition, the graduate selects one of three areas of emphasis in which to pursue the more specialized skills that greatly increase employment and career advancement opportunities. The areas of emphasis are:

    • Accounting
    • Business Information Systems
    • Medical Office Administration

Current Tuition Rates – Office Technology

Georgia – $420 per semester credit plus books and supplies
Kentucky – $410 per semester credit plus books and supplies

Information Technology Degree Program
Chamblee Campus, Southwest Houston Campus

For those students whose career objectives are best served by possessing an Associate Degree, ICT provides the student with a choice of programs that build on the fundamentals of the diploma programs.

The Associate of Science Degree in Information Technology is designed to produce a well-rounded graduate with enhanced communication, mathematical and technical skills. The core program provides a solid foundation for the operation, design, and management of Information Technology systems.  Upon completion of the program you will have earned several certifications from the following industry certifying bodies:

    • CompTIA
    • Microsoft Technology Associate
    • Microsoft Office

In addition, preparation for more than twenty industry-recognized certifications is part of the curriculum.  Students also acquire the skills necessary to administer database and Internet servers, including handling the security risks involved.  Our graduates are ready for employment in a constantly growing field and create the opportunity for advancement in cutting edge technology.

The Associate of Science Degree Program is offered at the Main Campus in Chamblee, Georgia and our Southwest Houston campus. All courses completed at the Branch Campuses are fully transferable to these degree programs.

Current Tuition Rates – Information Technology – Chamblee Only

$450 per semester credit plus books and supplies

Business Management Degree Program
Chamblee Campus Only

The mission of the Business Management program is to provide students the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to successfully create and develop or manage a new venture, or lead the creation and development or management of a new department within a larger organization.  The program guides the student through the process of learning the fundamentals of owning and running a small business, including developing marketing strategies and managing day to day operations.  Students learn about legal issues, ethical standards, personal selling and customer service.  Furthermore, they learn how to operate a small business, market their product/service and manage people.  The course also includes an externship component where students gain real-life experience.  The general education component is designed to enhance the student’s general knowledge and awareness of significant issues in the workplace and in the student’s professional development.

Upon graduating the student will have learned:

    • How to take an idea for a product or service from concept to revenue production.
    • The dynamic of business structures and how a new business or new department is set up.
    • The accounting principles of a new business, including financial statements, projections, and controls.
    • How to design and implement a marketing strategy.
    • The dynamics of selling.
    • The legal issues involved with entity selection, contracts, and other relevant topics.
    • The various aspects of growing a workforce and support team, including writing a job description, setting compensation, hiring, training, and career development.
    • How to incorporate a web-based strategy into the company’s business plan.
    • How to fully prepare a business plan.
    • How to raise funding for a business plan

Current Tuition Rates – Business Management – Chamblee Only

$430 per semester credit plus books and supplies

Human Resource Management Degree Program
Chamblee Campus Only

The Human Resource Management program offered at Interactive College of Technology includes the information and understanding required to succeed in this high-demand field.

Some of the highlights of the program include:

  • Introduction to Management
  • Business Law and Ethics
  • Recruiting and Selection
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Payroll Principles
  • Strategic HR Management
  • Accounting
  • Relevant Computer Applications with Certifications
  • Business Schematics
  • Project Management

The program consists of General Education, Core, Technical Major Requirements and Elective courses.

Current Tuition Rates – Human Resource Management – Chamblee Only

$430 per semester credit plus books and supplies

Commercial Refrigeration Degree Program

Chamblee Campus Only

This program offers the student a solid foundation in commercial refrigeration as it relates specifically to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry. The program emphasizes advanced HVAC concepts such as controls, temperature programming, and computer fundamentals. The program is geared towards the student successfully obtaining the EPA and the North American Technicians Excellence (NATE) certifications upon completion of the program. The general education component is designed to broaden the student’s understanding of the issues that may impact his or her professional and personal development. The career goal is to prepare the graduate for employment as an HVAC/Refrigeration technician or associate engineer.

NOTE: Students who have completed the HVAC/R diploma program may take their studies to the next level by applying earned credits to the Associate of Science Degree in Commercial Refrigeration.

Program Highlights

Principles of Electrical Circuits
Applied Principles of Electrical Circuits
Customer Service and Safety
Gas, Electric and Heat Pump Heating Systems
Residential and Commercial Refrigeration Systems
Essentials of NATE Certification *
Applied Residential and Commercial Refrigeration Systems
Advanced NATE Certification *
Applied Gas, Electric and Heat Pump Heating Systems
Refrigeration Management and EPA Certification*
HVAC Controls and Systems
NATE Light Commercial Refrigeration Certification *
NATE Commercial Refrigeration Certification *
Advanced Programmable Logic Controls
Low Voltage Controls and Thermostats

*Nationally recognized certifications earned through this program

The program consists of General Education, Core, Technical Major Requirements and Elective courses.

Current Tuition Rates – Commercial Refrigeration – Chamblee Only

$450 per semester credit plus books and supplies


For all programs consult ICT Institutional Catalog for more program details