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Advanced Pronunciation and Conversation

Are your English-speaking skills strong but not where you’d like them to be?  If you’d like to enhance your speaking skills to be proficient in advanced English conversation, we can help you!  We offer English pronunciation classes that can provide you with a stronger understanding of the English language.  Our Advanced Pronunciation and Conversation Courses can be an excellent and convenient way for you to increase your English language proficiency.

The Advanced Pronunciation and Conversation Courses provide the tools an international adult needs to participate comfortably and excel in English-only environments, including university and professional settings. These courses aren’t intended to meet your needs if you are a beginner in English but rather serve as a way to complement your existing English-speaking skills.  These English speaking classes are designed to assist high intermediate to advanced ESL students in pronunciation, focusing on North American English, and in oral communication. Emphasis is placed on communicating effectively in authentic situations, connecting pronunciation with speaking, and eliminating speech elements that impede communication. Through a combination of classroom-based instruction, laboratory work, and outside of classroom activities, students in these advanced English classes will experience a significant improvement in their English and achieve clearer pronunciation and greater fluency.

If you’re seeking ESL courses in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas, contact Interactive College of Technology today to learn more about our English conversation courses as well as English as a second language certification.

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